100+ Essay Topics and Ideas for College Students

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June 16, 2019
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100+ Essay Topics and Ideas for College Students

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Do you often find your mind clogged with essay ideas when preparing to write an essay? Are you wondering which area of research you will finally settle for and how you will structure your topic? Choosing a topic should not be a challenge. This is usually the foundation of your essay and must be dome with a lot of care.

A good essay should be completed within the desired time, cost-effectively and meet the quality standards.  To achieve this, learn how to come up with an essay topic or idea before you write your academic paper. 

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How Do You Write A Topic Essay?

Topic selection is not something you can just do without thinking and researching thoroughly. However, it is not the hardest thing, and it’s possible to create a topic that will make you essay standout among others. So, consider the following steps to achieve this goal:

  • Talk to your fellow students and try to generate some ideas. Group discussion will go a long way in enabling you to have viable ideas.
  • Whenever an idea comes to your mind, put it down before it disappears and you remain with a blank mind.
  • From your list, select some topics for further discussion.
  • Conduct some research on the topics you have selected and establish whether you have enough supportive evidence to support your entire essay.
  • Narrow down your idea and ask yourself the following questions:
  • Is time adequate to enable me to complete the work?
  • Can I reach the desired word count under the topic?
  • Can you easily find materials to enable me to complete the word?
  • How much do I know about the subject?
  • Can I command good writing about the topic?
  • Is the topic motivating?

Argumentative essay topics

  1. Do teenagers get too much pressure to go to university?
  2. Are immigrants eligible for more rights?
  3. Do reality shows impact society?
  4. Is political and social life influenced by false news?
  5. Should English be an official language in the United States?
  6. How does urbanization influence the population?
  7. How does tobacco smoking affect human health?
  8. Should basic education be free for all?
  9. Does facebook reduce the level of concentration of students in the university?
  10. Is competition in schools good for students?
  11. How is fashion important in society?
  12. Should cyberbullying culprits be punished through firing?
  13. Should special privileges be given to working mums?
  14. Can religion cause war?

Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Should immigration laws be reformed?
  2. What is the relationship between Star Trek and Star Wars?
  3. Should criminal children be tried the same way as adult criminals?
  4. What is the correlation between Communism and capitalism?
  5. Should phones be allowed to students in high schools?
  6. Compare and contrast Fascism and Nasism.
  7. Should mothers breastfeed in public places?
  8. Should people be responsible for providing home-care for their aging parents

Technology-related Essay topics

  1. Does the internet make students less creative?
  2. Is it imperative to illegalize the use of mobile phones while driving?
  3. Do computers use Artificial intelligence?
  4. Can social media enhance learning in universities?
  5. Is the internet making newspapers unpopular in USA?
  6. How does cell Atlas affect the understanding of the human body?
  7. How does a PC compare to a MAC?
  8. Is home internet connection beneficial?
  9. How dangerous are cell phones?
  10. Is the internet necessary for continued development?
  11. Does reliance on technology hamper creativity in industries?
  12. Is there any impact of online dating in society?
  13. Are people misusing social media?
  14. Is working from home beneficial to organizations?
  15. At what age should a child use a mobile phone?
  16. Are televisions ruining the lives of children in today’s society?
  17. Is YouTube an effective way of advertising?
  18. Is social media addiction harmful to family relationships?

 Essay topics on cause and effect

These explain the relationship between two variables. Examples include:

  1. What effects do family vacations have on relationships in families?
  2. What are the influences of air pollution on human health?
  3. How does technological advancement affect the environment?
  4. What factors influence environmental catastrophes?
  5. What issues influence technological growth in China?
  6. Effects stocks market have on economic growth?

Proposal essay topics

  1. Do we treat people with disability well in society?
  2. What methods or policies enhance environmental protection?
  3. Apart from monetary, rewards, how else should organizations reward employees?
  4. How can child abuse the minimized in the United States?
  5. Is it ethical to sell body organs?
  6. Should it be legal to end one’s life because a physician approves it?
  7. Do taxes on imports increase economic growth?
  8. Do payday loans in USA solve the borrower’s financial crisis?
  9. Which methods are most effective in treating mental illnesses?
  10. How does burnout affect performance at the workplace?

College-related essay topics

You can also use these as ietls essay topics.

  1. Is smoking in colleges influenced by peer pressure?
  2. How can someone secure a job fast after university?
  3. Are students’ membership clubs beneficial?
  4. Does the choice of a college determine the grade acquired?
  5. Are private colleges better than public ones?

Education-related topics

These relate to the learning environment. They include:

  1. Can students achieve more because of homework?
  2. Is private school better than public school?
  3. Is homeschooling better than attending school?
  4. How best should notes be taken in classes?
  5. Should e-books be in schools?
  6. Why do many students find mathematics hard?
  7. Should suicide prevention education be in schools?
  8. Should online classes be in schools?
  9. Are online schools better than traditional-based schools?
  10.  Should bright students treatment be better than others?
  11. Is education too commercial nowadays?
  12. Is academic grading important in schools?
  13. Are educated people better decision-makers than uneducated ones?
  14. Are practical lessons beneficial to students?
  15. Do long hours of study make a student better?
  16. Is education a tool for driving change in society?
  17. Is teenage pregnancy prevalent in elementary schools?

Self-related topics

These are personalized topics such as:

  1. Can social media affect the relationship with my family members positively?
  2. Is it beneficial to involve my mother in my family affairs?
  3. Can my father relate well to my spouse if they are from different nationalities?
  4. How best can I appreciate my best teacher without getting personal?
  5. Can I share secrets with my best friend?
  6. How best can I identify my purpose in life?
  7. Can I use Badminton, my favorite game to lose weight?
  8. How best can I influence the economy of my village?
  9. Which methods can help me save for my dream home?
  10. Can I use my hobby to earn a living in the long run?
  11. How best can I maintain a friendship after high school?
  12. How best can I benefit from my small garden?

Body Image topics

  • Do fashion adverts affect men?
  • Should methods of advertising in the fashion world change.
  • How bad are romantic movies for relationships?
  • Do men also suffer from body looks problems?
  • Should plus-size models be in designer brands such as Victoria’s Secret?
  • Do plastic surgery help women feel better about themselves?
  • How does Barbie doll affect girls negatively?
  • Do women benefit from beauty pageant’s fashion?
  • How can women develop self confidence and accept their body image?

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