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definition essay

Definition essay may be tough to develop. Are you stuck on how to write a definition essay that impresses your tutor? Here is a simple guideline to follow. Read more to be better in developing definition essay.

A definition essay is a typical assignment among college and university students. It requires proper research and sometimes uses some problematic terms. However, if you have the tips, ideas, examples, and topics, a definition essay is one of the simple tasks you have to handle while in school.

The primary purpose of this essay is to define a particular term without copying what is given in the dictionary. Use various words to express your opinion while also including examples to define the term. 

What you need to learn is how to put the information regarding the specific topic without making the essay uninteresting to read. Knowing tips, ideas, and steps of writing a definition essay ensures you can select a topic you like and still define the give complex terms. Read on for more writing tips to help you complete the essay with no problem. 

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How to write a definition essay step by step 

A definition essay is unique and requires the student to create a personal but academic definition. When choosing the word to define, go for one with a lot of information. It is one of the tips of the writing a definition essay. Here are some steps that you can follow:

Choose the Idea or Concept

The first thing should be selecting the idea or concept to follow in your essay. It could be “patriotism,” “love,” “justice,” or “feminism.” These words give you a lot to write about, and you can come up with a definition as long as you have enough sources to use as back up for the explanation. Other concepts to use in your essay include “loss,” “pain,” success,” or “friendship.”

Some of the words to avoid include things and objects such as ball, shoe, book, or pencil. They do not give you a lot of information to write in your essay. However, there are some concrete objects that you can discuss and still end up with an open topic such as home. It has more to talk about, and you can easily create your definition. 

What’s more, choose a word that you understand very well. It becomes easier to define it in an essay. Besides, let the word be one with several meanings. It should be multidimensional, which means people can understand it in different ways. This allows you to include how you understand it along with other people’s interpretations. 

Check the word in the dictionary

After you have settled for the word to use in your essay, check it up in the dictionary. This allows you to know the precise meaning of this particular word. A dictionary also will enable you to see where the word is classified while providing you with its synonyms. A good example is the word justice; from the dictionary, it’s defined as “noun, the quality of being just: equitable, righteous or morally upright.” This helps you know that it’s a noun and other words with the same meaning as the word you have chosen. 

Research on the word’s history in various encyclopaedias to know the origin of the word you want to define in your essay. You will find many encyclopaedias, including law and philosophy encyclopaedia. Note any theory where the word is used and connect it with real-life events to make the reader understand it better. 

For example, the word justice is related to law; you can read about it and see how western countries developed their legal system. Look for various videos and articles discussing the word. Make sure you also check on scholarly journals and articles to get detailed meaning of the word.

Come Up with Your Definition for the Word

Carry out your research and use your experience to write the definition essay. You can focus on how the word is used in your society or in the whole world at large. To define the word state by stating and then followed by a clear definition in a single sentence.

Definition essay outline 

A typical essay outline should have five sections. They include the introduction, three paragraphs for the body content, and the conclusion. Some teachers strictly want five paragraphs, while others are fine with as many sections as you wish.

Definition essay introduction

The introduction part of a definitive essay should be about the term you want to define. Give a standard definition. Let your reader know what the word means. Include the meaning given by a dictionary and various encyclopaedias and remember to reference your source of information. 

Definition essay thesis statement

Include the thesis in your introduction, and just like in other essays, put it at the end. Avoid putting it in the middle of the paragraph because it will definitely get lost. It is one sentence and stands out because it is usually in a passive voice. To get the best thesis statement, mix what you have experienced in real life along with results from your research. 

Definition Essay Conclusion

Just livery essay, you must conclude your definition essay properly. The main goal is to provide a complete definition of a given term. While you must finish and finalize everything in this part of your essay, you should be brief. However, let the reader know how the definition essay relates to you and other people in real life. Adding some exciting facts based on people’s experiences will make your essay interesting and easy to read. 

Definition essay topics 

Without an excellent topic, writing a definitive essay will not be easy. It must be something that grabs the attention of your readers. This task is not easy; it requires deep thinking. Here are some tips to use when looking for the best topic for your essay:

  • Avoid using general words, which will not be exciting or give the reader a hidden meaning.
  • Make sure the topic allows you to use some facts, which must be well-referenced. 
  • Avoid terms leading to huge debates just to get a lot of information to write about. Some words over-persuade the reader; it is not a persuasive essay. Its goal is to analyze various sources and inform the reader.
  • Analyze various facts before you settle for a topic.
  • Start working on your essay early enough to avoid doing it the last minute, which makes you, settle for a less important topic just to complete the essay. 
  • Always go for a topic that you understand very well. 
  • Read definition essay examples to understand your assignment better. 

Interesting Definition Essay Topics 

If you are not sure what topic to choose, here are some ideas to help you out. 

  1. Success and money-are these two words related?
  2. Flirting online, what is it?
  3. What does graffiti mean? Explain its variations and styles. Define how artistic it is and state some of its traits such as painting. 
  4. Define friendship and talk about internal connections. 
  5. Define the word rudeness and include other terms such as rude behaviour that people have to deal with daily either at work or in a local store. 
  6. What is home? What other meaning does it have apart from your house? 
  7. How to be a good person, what traits must you have and it influences your well-being?
  8. The effect of science on human life.

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