Creative Essay: Topics, Examples, Outline

How to Write Creative Essay like a pro

A creative essay has to be written by a skilled and talented writer. Diligence is also essential in this time-consuming essay, but it is not too hard for someone who knows how to write it. For you to write an impressive creative essay, you must know how to come up with the topic and the outline that will impress your teacher.

How to write creative essay

What is a Creative Essay?

A creative essay focuses on expressing your point of view as the writer. It allows you to transform feelings in facts. In this article, you learn how to write a high-quality creative by following every step. Composing this essay is a bit different from what you do with other academic papers. You have the freedom to write what you want, and it’s usually long. You have to come up with an excellent outline to make sure that you do not repeat yourself in the essay to increase the length.

In the essay, you write your thoughts down but must prove how it is linked with other topics, ideas, and subjects. Writing skills come in handy in describing facts, situations, cases, and other descriptions needed in the essay.

Creative Essay Structure

The topic– The first thing to come up with is the topic. This is the main idea of your essay and guides you on what to write in the essay.

Research– After you have decided the topic to use for your creative essay, start doing the research. Regardless of how much you know about a topic, there is always something new to find out.

Create questions- Your creative essay should answer some questions. They make the essay informative and interesting as the reader seeks the answers.

Create the first draft- This raw draft allows you to try out various methods and styles of essay writing before you finally settle on one.

Creative Essay Topics

The topic you choose for your creative essay should be catchy, but one that allows you to get a lot of material for your story. Here are some tips that can help you out with the topic choosing process:

  • Choose to write about an exciting event that changed your life.
  • Think of something that could bring the world to an end.
  • Write a love story; this topic is timeless.
  • Talk of someone who fought for human rights successfully.
  • Write about what you love most and things you would never want to live without
  • A creative topic on things you would do if you became invisible for a day
  • What would happen if it was possible to exchange bodies with someone else?

The topic you settle for should be wildly creative, and the reader should be glued to the end. A creative essay has no limits, and you should write what you feel positive about.

How to Write Creative Essay Titles

When creating a title for your creative essay should be next after settling for the topic. But most writers work on the essay and give a title later. Here are some ideas to help you when looking for the best title for your essay:

  • The title should attract attention. This means it has to be catchy; it is important to make every reader interested in your work.
  • Summarize your story in a few words. The topic should inform the reader what your essay is about.
  • A quote also comes in handy when you want to have an interesting title. As long as the words empower your essay, whoever said them would not matter.
  • If your main idea is interesting, make it the title and phrase it nicely.

Creative Writing Essay Tips and Techniques

Before you write your creative essay, plan. Here are some of the things you should do before start writing.

  • Feel free and confident about the topic you have chosen. This allows you to get creative and write an excellent essay.
  • Think about your audience and write what will be interesting to them. Also, use the most appropriate language to encourage them to keep reading.
  • Avoid getting confused in your essay. With the freedom to write whatever you wish to, your ideas can get mixed up and at some point, deviate from your significant points.
  • Write down your ideas so that you do not forget as you write. As you write, combine the ideas for an easy to read, but an interesting creative essay.


Apply the tips and outline about how to write a creative essay. Stipulate the outline and come up with interesting titles. Is this too hard to develop? Our legitimate essay writing service has expert essay writers to help you write a creative essay. Pay us to write your essay now!