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Compare and contrast essay topics

Compare and contrast essay are fun to write. More so, when you have an essay topic. However, in a scenario when you are to choose a unique topic it is quite challenging. Read the article to gain insights about great compare and contrast essay topics and ideas in 2019 and beyond.

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What are Compare and Contrast Essay?

Compare and contrast essays are common academic papers. They can be assigned as an essay type or part of a long essay, which have a one or a few compare and contrast paragraphs. As a student, you must understand what this essay is all about. It includes how to choose a topic, structure, choose words and comparison and contrast criteria. 

Building a Compare and Contrast Essay in 2021

How to write a compare and contrast Essay in 2021?

A compare and contrast paper is different from other essays. So, the old tips on how to write an essay will not work for this paper. It is an easy task for students writing it for the first time. Also, note the common mistakes and avoid them entirely. Here is how to write a compare and contrast essay:

Identify the type of compare and contrast essay topic

The first thing you should do is identify the type of topic given for your essay. The topics come in fours that include:

  1. Events- You can start by pointing out the similarities and differences of some episodes or historical events from the book.
  2. Situations- This one can be based on a comparison of two different episodes or cases that have happened in your life. 
  3. A fiction topic where you come up with a story.
  4. Places, where you describe various locations. 

Regardless of the topics you choose for your comparison and contrast essay. Remember to always stick to the right structure.

Introduction or Background

When writing your essay, the introduction should begin with a hook. Outline your topic here and let the reader know what your main argument will be in the essay body. Besides, state your thesis and place it in the last sentence of the intro paragraph.

Develop Your Arguments

For you to develop your arguments properly, research on your topic. You should have at least three claims, including evidence, with credible points to support every argument. Every paragraph must have not less than three supporting points to make the whole essay robust. 

Countering Opponent’s Arguments

Before you can refute your opponent’s arguments, you have to research on the topic and identify any facts likely to contradict the essay’s thesis. You should at least choose an example. Always include examples to express your counter-argument. You should have a maximum of two opposing points, which must be backed with credible points. 

Conclusion for Compare and Contrast Essay

The first thing should be to restate the thesis statement. After that, you can briefly explain why you choose to lean a specific side. 

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

Compare and contrast essay is not just about comparing two subjects. It goes deeper than that, and the purpose of this academic paper is significant and has to include the following:

  • It must show how one of the things is superior to the other. 
  • Identify any common misunderstanding and clarify them. 
  • State, describe and something that is not known.
  • Make sure every claim in the essay is supported with credible facts from accurate and reliable sources. 

When outlining a compare and contrast essay, you have different methods to use. Each method determines how your essay is organized. They include:

  • The Point-By-Point Pattern

This type of outline is most suitable when comparing two subjects or items with similarity or few different characteristics. 

  • Block Pattern

This method is used instances when a student has to compare situations, items or topics, which are very different or multiple criteria has to be involved. The block pattern helps you organize your points. It also ensures all aspects are addressed and explored in the essay. 

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2021 on Education

Compare and contrast essays are available in various subjects. Some of the common topics are education-based because students are familiar with them. Here are some examples:

  1. Who is taking life in a better way; Working or non-working students?
  2. Between an essay and a research paper, which one is more involving? 
  3. The significant differences between British English and American English.
  4. How is a Ph.D. and a Master’s Degree different?
  5. Remote learning or traditional classes?
  6. The similarities and differences between TOEFL and SAT. 

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2021 on Politics

  1. Compare Washington and Lincoln’s ideas
  2. Religious vs. anthropology.
  3. Comparison between the American government and the Soviet government.
  4. UK prime versus US president. 
  5. King Louis XIV versus Henry VIII.
  6. Different events in World War I and World War IIIs Nazism and Fascism the same?

Good Compare and contrast for beginners

  1. Comparison between an apple and an apple.
  2. What are the advantages of each: day time and night time?
  3. Life in poverty and life in abundance
  4. Life in the village versus life in the city
  5. Loneliness versus sadness.
  6. What are the similarities between British and American traditional cuisine? 
  7. Best way to relax; spending time by the sea or in the woods.

 Opposite comparison topics for compare and contrast essays

Here are great comparison essay topics.

  1. White versus red
  2. Comparison between a country in war and a country at war.
  3. Pepsi versus coke
  4. Males versus females
  5. Driving a private car or riding a bus?
  6. The sun and the moon

Teenagers related topics

Below is a list of easy compare and contrast essay topics about teens. 

  1. Childhood versus adulthood.
  2. Life at home and living in campus
  3. Working as a freelancer or in the office
  4. Scientific writing versus academic writing.
  5. Radio shows or TV shows, which one is trendier?
  6. A professional career or education; what is harder or easier?
  7. Differences and similarities between the Greek and the Roman cultures.
  8. An art class versus a science class.

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2021 on Technology and Social Media

In case you need compare and contrast essay topics for college students or for high school here are great ideas. 

  1. Traditional mailing and email: what is the difference?
  2. Traditional commerce versus online commerce.
  3. What is better between Forbes and the New York Times?
  4. Instagram or Facebook?
  5. Looking for work online versus traditionally.
  6. Online writing versus the traditional writing services.

Compare and contrast themes for movie and music 2021

There are quite a number of good compare contrast essay topics abour this kind of art.

  1. Rock versus Jazz music.
  2. Movies versus books
  3. Horror movies versus thrillers
  4. Draco Malfoy or Harry Potter?

 Funny compare and contrast essay topics

  1. What is interesting, washing dishes or doing laundry?
  2. Would you like to be a cat or a dog?
  3. What are the main differences between the lives of the youth and senior citizens?
  4. Selfies versus traditional photos
  5. Living in farm versus living in an apartment
  6. Talking or texting friends are they the same thing?
  7. How important are sleep and food?
  8. Receiving presents versus giving out.
  9. Photos versus painting

Biology topics for compare and contrast essay

  1. Bacteria versus viruses
  2. Animals DNS sequence versus human DNS sequence
  3. Cell division versus cell replication. 

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Compare and contrast essays are a must for all college students. These papers are tricky and especially settling for the best topics. You must be well-versed in academic writing and do your research correctly, along with the right format for you to attain a good score.

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