How to Write an Article Review- Easy & Interesting Tips

How to Write an Article Review- Simple Tips

Are you searching for interesting tips on how to an article review. The guide below simplifies for you how to come up with the central theme for any literature. Read on to find out the techniques and ideas.

An article review refers to an assignment where a student is required to evaluate and summarize work done by another writer. This essay is usually the first when teachers want to introduce students to advanced fields. By reviewing previous scholarly works by experts, students becomes more knowledgeable.

How to write an article review
Reading an article

What is An Article Review?

An article review is an academic paper usually assigned to students when their teacher wants to introduce them experts’ work in their course. You summarize and evaluate the work of another writer. For a student to write an excellent review, he or she must understand the arguments and the main points to an excellent summation of the article. This refers to a logical evaluation of the theme, arguments, and the implications likely to arise after further research. Here is how to write an article review.

Article Review Format

The article review format must be applied correctly, and it basically it should be:

  • The page title
  • Title of the review
  • Student’s name
  • The date
  • Abstract: The abstract of an article review should not be more than 300 words. It includes a summation of the given review question, the primary study reviewed, along with the study conclusion. But, you should not cite anything in the abstract.
  • Introduction: Start with the topic to introduce the reader to your study. This part should state what will be discussed in the article and provide the reader with background information.
  • The body: This is where you address the subtopics and all points to create a flowing essay.
  • Conclusion: In the end, restate the review questions and briefly explain the article’s purpose.
  • Literature cite: You should use the standardized reference system MLA or APA.

How Do You Start A Review?

The best way to start a review is by reading and understanding. Here are some steps to help you do it better:

  • Create a summation of the article- In the summary, note down the significant points, information, and claims.
  • Discuss all positive aspects- This includes the excellent points made by the author and any other insight observations.
  • Point out any contradiction, inconsistency, and gaps done by the article writer. Besides, note if the data and research support is sufficient or not according to the claims made by the author. And finally, check if there are any unanswered questions in the article.
  • Reread the article after making some notes and write the important in your words. The summary should be logical and clear. Remove all unnecessary words.

Come up with an evaluation outline

Create an outline by identifying the primary aspects, such as how the article contributes to the subject field and how effective the writing is. Remember to point out the weakness and strengths. For example, how does the writer offer a solution after identifying the problem? Does it have all the information needed for the particular subject? What is lacking? For all these questions and many others have a specific reference along with examples.

How to write a good article review

Once you are done with the preparations, it’s time to write your article review. Take one step at a time to ensure you get a seamless article review at the end. It must include the following steps:

Take time to understand an article review

Remember that your audience consists of people with deep knowledge regarding this type of academic paper and the subject matter. You summarize arguments, ideas, findings and positions. And then critique how the article contributes to the particular field and its overall effectiveness.

A review not only summarizes the original article, but also evaluates it. Include all these in your review article and the end results will be your dream grade.  If you understand how to this, writing the article review will be a walk in the park.

Article review examples

Before you write your article review, check review examples online. This helps you understand how to cite your article in the right format. It is mostly APA or MLA; your teacher will tell you which one to use.

Write the title

The title of an article review can be a declarative, an interrogative, or a descriptive one. It is determined by the focus of your review. Choose what suits your assignment best.  Here is how you write the title:

  • State article identification
  • Start with the article title
  • The article author’s name
  • Publication date

For example, you can write something like this, “Lack of stable income leads poor or no education among children,” was Written Lindsey White, an education expert. 2015.

Write an introduction

It must always begin with an identification sentence. It also entails the central theme and must include arguments and claims made by the author. Other things to put in mind when writing your article review introduction include:

  • You may have to decide the best thesis because it might not be clearly evident in that particular article. What’s more, in some articles, the primary argument can have several choices.
  • Avoid writing any of the statements in the introduction paragraph using the first person.
  • Always use the third person and use the academic style, which must be formal.
  • The introduction of your essay should not take more than 25% of the review.
  • You should end your introduction with the thesis to address the issues stated. For example: despite having exceptional points, the article has numerous misinterpretations of the data and it’s based on its analysis on the major causes of lack of proper education among most people.

Summarize the Article

Write the arguments, findings, and significant points in your words. Bring out how the article has credible support on its claims and then conclude the review. Here are some points to put in mind when summarizing the article:

  • Write in numerous paragraphs, but the length depends on your teacher’s instructions.
  • Include some examples, background information, and statistics that are familiar to experts in your course.
  • Every section should contain a strong point.
  • Use some direct quotes, but sparingly.
  • Reread the summary several times to ensure accuracy and correct anything that is not clear.

Write your critique. Using personal opinions, write about the author’s ability to address the topic. Include your opinion regarding the explanation of the topic in the article. What’s more, write down the importance and contributions of the particular article in your course. Point out biasness and state whether you support the author or not. Give good reasons as to why you pro or against it and remember to indicate the best audience for the article.

Write a conclusion

In the conclusion part, write the significant points along with your opinion regarding the accuracy and clarity of the article. If it is relevant, talk about the implications. It may be used for more research, but be brief as the conclusion should not be more than 10%.

Proofread the article

Read your article and correct grammar mistakes or formatting issues. Ensure that your essay doesn’t have any filler content.

APA Article Review Sample Paper- Learn the Tips

Apart from learning the format, style and essential parts of an article review, you can make use of the following tips. Whether it’s APA or any other writing style required for you essay, these tips will come in handy.

  • Use clear language and avoid ambiguity when writing down your ideas or arguments.
  • Your sentences should be simple. Complex sentences will ruin the review.
  • Avoid any terms that most people cannot understand unless it’s a scientific review where some terms cannot be replaced.
  • Stick to article reviewing and avoiding going to other genres.
  • Concentrate on the article to be reviewed and tone of the project when analyzing it.
  • Do not blur any opinion; it will make your review sound unsure.
  • Argue positions to establish yourself as a professional. It shows you understand what you are writing about.

Article review topic

Finding a unique topic for article review is not an easy task.  O how you select the best one? A good topic should allow you to discuss various things based on the original article. So go for a topic that does not narrow you down to a very slim discussion. Remember a good topic will earn you marks even before you teacher reads the essay. However, you should consider the following when looking for the best article review topic.

  • The topic should be interesting to you. Make sure you can get enough sources and cite the information sources correctly.
  •  It should allow you to create a well-defined article. Failure to do this will result to an unhelpful article review.
  • Choose a topic that covers a big part of your field, which is most likely to interest many people.

It is normal to struggle with an article review topic. However, with some research, you will get ideas resulting to an exceptional topic. Consider the audience you want reach and potential readers. But, most important, pick a topic you can handle professionally.

Examples of Article Review Topics

  • How communication is different in men and women.
  • Why sports are important in colleges.
  • Graffiti and street art.
  • Why obesity is skyrocketing.
  • Body sizes in modeling.
  • Change of roles in genders.
  • Families with single parents
  • Ethnic music.

Review Article Examples- Why You Need to Look at Them

Whether it’s the first time you have to write an article review or you a newbie, review article reviews remain important.  It helps you understand what experts in your field have done and give you ideas on what is expected from you. Here are more ways that you benefit from article review examples.

  • You get to know the experts in your field.
  • Helps you identify most significant discoveries and recent advances in your area of study.
  • You can identify important gaps and find solutions in your research.
  • Helps you know how to generate ideas for your essay.
  • Learners can become experts in their course by reading what others have written in the past.

Scientific article review example

Scientific article reviews are a common academic assignment for students pursuing scientific studies. Students are required. This paper requires a lot of research and comes with a special format and consists of unbiased information.  By reading scientific article review examples, you will learn how to critique given research studies or support them with credible points.


An excellent article review should have at least four critical issues discussed. Anything less than four significant points make your review less impressive. Do not make it too short or prolong it unnecessarily. Make sure you state your points and support them without adding fluff and fillers.

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