How to Write an Argumentative Essay – Simple Step By Step Guide

Argumentative essay ideas and topics

Are you looking for argumentative essay ideas and topics? Here are incredible tips to consider to develop the best argumentative essay. Read more to become an argumentative essay pro.

argumentative essay

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What is An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay can be defined as an academic paper where a student is required to investigate, collect evidence, generate it and evaluate the information to give his or her position regarding it in a very concise manner. Some students tend to confuse an argumentative essay with an expository essay. While the two are similar, there is a major difference between the two.

The argumentative essay is mostly given to students as a capstone project. It requires a lot of invention and in-depth research and is usually long. On the other hand, an expository essay is shorter and does not involve much research and is done in class tests or exercises, including the GRE and GED. But, each of them requires you to know argumentative essay ideas and topics that will enable you to write a high-quality essay.

Types of Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay can be approached in three ways. They include:

Classical approach

This essay begins with a thesis statement, followed by a widely researched background of the topic. The main arguments are elaborated and have strong evidence points. But, the essay is not completed without a brief refutation of the opposing points. In the conclusion area, you can summarize the arguments or simply suggest some solutions.

Rogerian Approach

This approach is perfect if your essay has a highly polemical topic. A good example is a topic related to global warming. There is no specific structure to follow, and the writer identifies both sides and sympathizes with them, but you have to favour one. In this approach, the writer provides information more than concentrating on winning the argument. In conclusion, no solution is offered, but seeks to get the two sides to compromise.


This approach is also great for polemical arguments. The write argues with the intention of getting a common ground. It explores essentials on both sides and in the conclusion part the argument concedes that both sides are valid.

Steps on Writing Your Argumentative Essay

How to Start Argumentative Essay

The only way to start writing your argumentative essay by choosing a topic; it has be one that allows you to argue strongly.  Sometimes you are given a topic, but if not, choose one that you understand and already have opinions about. Check online for some of the excellent topics that you can choose to explore.


Look for information about your topic in reliable sources such as documentaries, blogs, books and articles. Get material to write your essay and note the most important points while identifying pressing issues. To stand out, cover areas of the topic that has not been explored by other writers.

Create an Outline

An outline takes you step by step through the essay writing process. For an argumentative essay, it should in the format below:


This section lets the reader know the background of the essay’s topic. Answer questions such as how does the topic affects you? Why should you explore the topic? And what needs to be done regarding the topic? Besides, include the thesis statement and express your side of the argument.

First Supporting Paragraph

In this paragraph, you should discuss the primary argument to give solid support for your thesis.

Second Supporting Paragraph

Write the second argument and it should also support your thesis.

Counter Argument

After stating the supporting points (write as many paragraphs as your points can fit), present your counterarguments.


The conclusion is a summary of the significant points in your essay; include suggestions such as further research and steps that should be taken.

Fill the blanks

It is time to develop the essay by filling in the blanks in the outline. Research so that you write relevant content, with credible points, evidence and support from academic resources.

Edit the Essay

When the essay is complete, take the time to read and edit. You should check grammar mistakes along with the following:

  • Confirm your thesis is arguable.
  • Make sure the thesis is clearly worded
  • Confirm that your research and examples are properly backed up.
  • Ensure your counterargument is presented well and successfully refuted.
  • Check and ensure your conclusion presents interesting ideas that can attract further discussion regarding the topic.

Longer Argumentative Essay

Detailed research calls for a longer argumentative essay. You have to discuss the research resources in your essay. The essay goes more than five paragraphs. It requires the author to explain the context around the topic information sources and their credibility. This increases the length of the essay.

Best Argumentative Essay

The best argumentative essay should sound like a debate or conversation with classmates. Express all points in detail; in the essay you cannot skip any part. The start, middle and final part of the essay should show the intent of the argument.

Argumentative Essay Example

If writing an argumentative essay for the first time, look for argumentative essay examples. They help you understand how to argue and create a seamless essay where the support points and counterargument flow smoothly.

Argumentative Essay Topics

The best argumentative essay topics have plenty of information to argue about. Avoid common topics and go for those not thoroughly explored. But, make sure it’s within your subject. If you are not given a topic, some of the places to get a topic for your essay include:

  • Books
  • Documentaries
  • Scientific magazines
  • Official reports
  • Academic journals
  • Newspapers

If you reach a dead end with your argumentative, do not hesitate to look for a writing service that offers best argumentative essay. Some of the topics to use for this type of an essay include:

Longer Argumentative Essay for education topics

  1. Education should not cost anyone; government should offer it for free.
  2. Why are people all over the world gaining weight?
  3. Young people should have a right to decide whether or not to join the military.
  4. Education is commercialized today.
  5. Students should have limited internet.

Best Argumentative Essay Sport Topics

  1. What can make teenagers maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  2. NCAA affects academic performance negatively
  3. Michael Jordan is an all-time basketball star.
  4. Cheerleading is also a sport and cheerleaders should not be shamed for doing it.
  5. Colleges invest too much in sports programs.
  6. American football is not safe for players.
  7. Should elite athletes deserve the enormous income they receive?

Argumentative Essay Topics for college students

  1. Sales of tobacco and its products should be legalized.
  2. The death sentence should not be abolished worldwide
  3. The government should control the consumption worldwide.
  4. Energetic drinks are not healthy and should be made illegal
  5. Courts proceedings should be recorded for television
  6. The right age to vote should be as low as 12 years old.
  7. Is justice ever served?

Classic Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Animals should be used for research by humans
  2. Should be punished for destroying rainforests?
  3. Are electric vehicles the best solution in worldwide pollution?
  4. Was Panama Canal by Roosevelt worth building?
  5. What are the risks that the united states is likely to suffer?
  6. Discuss earthquakes and their results
  7. Tsunamis is a wave of death
  8. Policies of public schools need to be changed
  9. Same-sex marriage should be illegalized
  10. The society is slowly becoming over-regulated
  11. Most corrupt countries
  12. Some political activists in the US engage in illegal activities
  13. A politician is the only career that doesn’t need any talent

Technology Topics

  1. Technology makes people lonely
  2. People are turning into technology zombies
  3. Will technology development ever come to an end?
  4. Owners of YouTube accounts should have the ability to fix comments in filthy language
  5. Education benefits from technology

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. How is technology limiting people’s creativity
  2. Are modern people relying on technology too much?
  3. Online friends are imaginary.
  4. What is the best way to deal with illegal immigration?
  5. Should the church be involved more in the society and government?
  6. Does death penalty deter criminals?
  7. Doe giving welfare payments make some people stop seeking work actively?
  8. What is the effect of globalization on modern societies? Bothe negative and positive.
  9. Is diversity important at workplaces?

Law argumentative topics

  1. Federal bureaucracies should be allowed to also pass regulations similar to what the legislative bodies do.
  2. Would empowering the House of Lords over House of Commons make Great Britain any better?
  3. Is it beneficial for judges to pass judgment based on the law instead of considering what the society needs?
  4. The Supreme Court is too powerful and rules over all the other government branches in USA.
  5. The Congress should abolish citizenship attained via birth right.
  6. The Supreme Court should consider prosecuting children as adults.

History topics for argumentative essays

  1. What was the effect of colonialism on World War III?
  2. Was it right for Adolf Hitler to demand return of all the land that formerly belonged to the country?
  3. Would it have been better if Abraham Lincoln allowed peaceful split when Southern states showed interest to leave.
  4. Was United States justified to expel Native Americans in areas inhabited by the white settlers?
  5. Was the occupation of Eastern Europe by Soviet Union justified?
  6. What caused Indo-Pak Wars after British India was dissolved?

Health argumentative topics

  1. Should all healthcare services be free for everyone?
  2. Prisoners have a right to same standard healthcare just like people who are free.
  3. Is it ethical to use animals in medical tests?
  4. Is it right to use medical knowledge that was gained in the Nazi camps?
  5. Which is better, public or private healthcare system?
  6. What is the best to deal with the ever-increasing aging community in the US?
  7. Is it right to forcefully quarantine people suffering from sexually transmitted infections including HIV?
  8. Should alcohol and drug addiction be declared an illness?
  9. Should military doctors be sued for medical malpractice by the members of military service?
  10. Does the 21st century have conditions that affect people’s health.


Argumentative essay ideas and topics are no obvious. You must identify the argumentative essay you would like to write before choosing a problem that will arise many arguments. Go for topics that focus on critical issues that most people can relate it with.

Stay away from a topic that people will agree with; it’s not worth your time. If you still are not sure about the best argumentative essay topics, seek help from essay writing experts.