How to write a good Argumentative Essay Outline: Step-By- Step Guideline

argumentative essay outline

How to write an argumentative essay outline step by step

Are you looking for argumentative essay outline that can help you complete your essay successfully? Read on to find out more on how to write an argumentative essay.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

Before you understand how to develop an argumentative essay outline, understanding what an argumentative is imperative. An argumentative essay is based on strong arguments to prove or support your opinion while refuting your opponent’s position. The definition of this essay sounds so easy. However, know the basics and steps of writing this academic paper. Being good at confrontations not all you need, the arguments must be presented professionally , and each of them supported with credible points. 

By learning how to write, you perfect skills and bring out your thoughts reasonably and back up every opinion excellently. What’s more, be persuasive in an argumentative essay. You do this by choosing the right phrases and proper words that will make the readers believe you. Besides, do not forget to include evidence to support your opinions. This is the key to writing successful and high-quality argumentative essay. 

An argumentative essay outline requires deep research, the more you dig deep, the better. It convinces your audience, thanks to the trustworthy information that you include in the essay. Now that you understand what this essay is all about and what you should do to make it excellent. Read on to learn how to write one. 

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How to Start and Argumentative Essay Outline

The first thing to start with when writing an argumentative essay outline is an introduction paragraph, which must be in line with the thesis. It is must also provide some background information regarding you’re your topic. This helps your reader understand what the arguments are all about, and you validate it by providing some evidence to back up the argument. 

The first sentence should entice enough to trigger interesting enough to trigger interest in the reader. It is known as a hook and must persuade your teacher want to the reader the essay. Here are some ideas to help you when starting your argumentative essay outline :

  • Write about a true story.
  • Illustrate the problem using a well-presented hypothetical situation. 
  • Include a question that will provoke thoughts in the reader.
  • State something startling, but must be from a trusted source. 
  • Start by explaining about the problem.
  • Trigger interest by comparing and contrasting at the beginning of your essay. 

Argumentative Essay Structure

The argumentative paper structure’s outline is similar to your entire essay structure. The main difference is that you have to write information if full details when writing the paper, unlike the structure where you state the main points to be discussed thoroughly in the essay. The structure of an argumentative essay has four sections, and they include:

  • The introduction paragraph
  • Body paragraphs with at least two or three arguments.
  • Opposing arguments in a single paragraph.
  • Conclusion

When writing your argumentative essay, should shift all your focus on the opponents, your thesis is what should guide you. Refuting the opponents’ points is written, just to let the reader know you have researched and came to an objective judgment while respecting all existing arguments against your point. 

Argumentative Essay Outline

An argumentative essay outline must have the following:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis 
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion


When writing an introduction part in your argumentative essay outline, state points to introduce the arguments. It will be short since no explanation is needed in an outline but should have enough information to guide you when you finally start writing the paper.


Your thesis falls in the introduction part. But it would be wise to state it when writing an outline though it doesn’t guarantee you it’s the best for the essay. As you write the essay, you might want to edit the thesis to add clarity.

Body Paragraphs

Depending on the length of your argumentative essay, you should have several distinct but unified body paragraphs. They are the main points supporting your thesis claims. In your argumentative essay outline, write the points you intend to discuss the central part of the essay. What’s more, you should also have opposing viewpoints written courteously and with a lot of respect despite not believing them. Have sufficient back to show the opponent’s arguments do not hold up.


The conclusion brings your essay to an end. As you put all arguments to a close, avoid bringing up anything new. Here explain how your thesis and arguments are the way to go, by discussing your evidence briefly. Challenge your readers to join you using persuasive language as you close the essay.

How to write an argumentative essay outline?

Now you know what you should have in an argumentative essay outline format. But precisely what do you write in the outline?


The introduction is compulsory in every argumentative essay. Here include a hook, which must be eye-catching to grab the reader’s attention. Remember, different people are impresses by diverse approaches.

Discuss some background information to give your readers a hint on what your essay is all about. This part explains the importance of the topic and why you need to discuss it.

Move to the thesis part and state the main argument. But do not pose questions in the thesis part. It is single sentence that summarizes your essay and lets the reader know your main point of view.

Body Content

In the body content, you state the claims and include corresponding evidence. A claim is a statement stating your argument but opens up a discussion because not everyone can agree with it. But it takes to research and well-chosen words to make people believe you. The evidence is obtained from credible sources, which must cite in your essay. This is not about what you know; the information should be statistics and facts from academically acceptable sources.

Argumentative Essay Structure Example

An argumentative essay’s outline template helps you bring out information to persuade your reader to agree with your line of thoughts regarding a particular subject. Since you will be addressing different elements, you need to know how to organize the points. So follow the template for an argumentative essay, which includes the following:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis 
  • Body paragraphs
  • conclusion

Collect a lot of information and research from empirical studies to be sure the information is credible, and sources cited correctly.

Argumentative Essay Outline Example

Good example of an outline format for an argumentative essay helps you see how a complete one looks. You can clearly see the organization. Read a few before you start writing your essay. 

Sample Argumentative Essay Outline

One of the most demanding essay genres is the argumentative essay. The student is required to have rich skills, write not only the paper but also research on arguments along with counter-arguments. Some of the argumentative papers need you to carry out some researches. This essay is tough and not the easiest one to write.

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